There are far, far better things ahead then anything we leave behind.

– C.S. Lewis


Reflection can come in many forms. Reflecting on the past through feelings of nostalgia. Reflecting on the present by taking note of where we are in the given moment. Reflecting on the future as we begin to create our ideas and goals about where we want our path to take us.

Through our breath, being present, and using our experiences we can begin to reflect on our lives and what we might want to change or improve. Whether it is the way you approach yourself, your relationships, or your career – as long as we are continually working to improve we are growing. This growth can only take place when we set aside the time to reflect and look within to find our truth. This truth is you without all the outside influences. This truth is what you would do if you had no fear of the “what ifs”.

Reflect is all about feeding your soul and listening to your truth. Letting go of the fear and doing what you feel is necessary to grow. I will share my own journey as well as the tools and information I have discovered to help me along the way. As we grow it becomes easier to figure out what we are passionate about and follow our own unique path. Life is too short to live in fear of change and growth. The only way to break this cycle is to reflect, look within, find your truth, and feed your soul.